Sixth Pay Commission Report: What will employees get on April 4, 2008

The government has declared that the Sixth Pay Commission would submit its report by April 4, 2008. In a written reply to the Rajya Sabha, Mr. P K Bansal, the Minister of State for Finance said, “The Commission is to finalise and submit its report within 18 months of its constitution, that is 4th April, 2008.”

About effectuation of the Pay Commission’s suggestions, Mr. Bansal stated, “Since the report is to be submitted, the time frame for its implementation cannot be stated.”

Regarding the terms of reference of the Sixth Pay Commission, he said that the Commission was analyzing the interest and requirement to approve any interim relief until its commendations were completed.

Employees can expect a decent rise in salary as the Elections are coming near. Government may not miss this chance to give additional benefits to employees in all pay scales to grab a bigger vote bank. The salary increase in Sixth Pay commission report 2008 may bring cheer among various government departments.

The new 6th pay commission pay scale table may also result in increase in salary for employees in private sector. Big companies are paying well but there are still many workers in small companies who are finding it very difficult to run their house on meagre income.

On media reports regarding big increase in salaries of civil service staff, Mr. Bansal told that the Commission is yet to settle down and present its report, so the media might be doubtful.

In October 2006, the Sixth Pay Commission was formed to suggest comprehensive changes in salary structure of the government employees.

It would also provide suggestions regarding the pay arrangement of government workers including industrial as well as non- industrial central government employees, Armed Forces personnel, All India Services, and employees in the Union Territories.

Additionally, the Commission would study the pay structure for Indian Audit and Accounts Department, regulatory bodies establish by Act s in the Parliament and Supreme Court employees, Mr. Bansal said.

Central 6th pay commission scales may trigger state governments to offer salary hike to their employees. The expectations are higher and things may be clear by April 4, when the expected pay scale tables 2008 under VIth pay commission will be unveiled.

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