Punjab Cabinet to implement the UGC pay scales in the Universities

Punjab Federation of University and College Teachers Organizations (PFUCTO) in its meeting held at Punjab University Chandigarh, welcomed the decision of Punjab Cabinet to implement the UGC pay scales in the Universities and Colleges of the State.

Punjab Cabinet had taken the decision to this effect in its meeting on June 18. The meeting, presided by its president Dr. S.S. Dhillon discussed the decision of the Punjab Cabinet and issues emerging out of it. The meeting was attended by leaders of PUTA, GNDUTA, PAUTA, GADVASUTA, GCTA, PCCTU and Punjabi University. The meeting demanded that the Government should take a decision on “allowances and other benefits” at the earliest, so that MHRD notification of December 31 2008 could be implemented in Toto. Punjab Government has constituted a committee headed by the Chief Secretary for the purpose.

Dr. Jagwant Singh General Secretary, PFUCTO, informed the press that the meeting was unanimously of the opinion that, “ Since their pay scales are determined by the Central Pay Commission, the State Government should take a policy decision to implement its recommendations as accepted by the Government of India, in the present and in the future.” Dr. S.S. Dhillon said that, “University and College teachers have always stood for this position even if, they were at a disadvantage when compared with the benefits granted to employees under Punjab Pay Commission.”

Meeting also examined the announcements made by the Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal yesterday. PFUCTO expressed the opinion that although the education sector calls for changes, it will be desirable that the Govt. allows at least ‘100 days’ foe discussion and debate by the academia and other stake holders to evolve a broad consensus on the proposals as was done by Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi while evolving New Education Policy of 1986 to avoid controversies and wrong decisions. An example of this was proposal to set up one Board for school Examination for whole country, which under the present Constitution will be encroachment on the domain of states as the subject of school education is on the State List of the Constitution. The proposal will require constitutional amendments. Dr Jagwant Singh said that, “PFUCTO will frame its stand after going through the Yashpal Committee Report, once it becomes available and will hold a seminar to obtain view point of teachers.

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