Good news in the monsoon for Railway employees

Good news in the monsoon for Railway employees ! Provision have been made in the Rail budget for payment of 2nd installment of arrear due in result of sixth CPC. Accordingly it may be expected that similar provision will be made in the General Budget on 6th July for the remaining Central govt. employees.

Budget Estimates 2009-10

Freight loading targeted at 910 mt : an increment of 60 mt on 2008-09; number of passengers likely to grow by around 7%.

Gross Traffic Receipts estimated at Rs 93,159 cr i.e. Rs 10,766 cr more than RE 2008-09.

Ordinary Working Expenses budgeted at Rs 62,900 cr to cover the full year impact of VI CPC and the payment of 60% arrears due in 2009-10.

Dividend payable to General Revenues kept at Rs 5,304 cr at the current applicable rates. Budgeted Operating Ratio 89.9%.

Plan outlay kept at Rs 37,905

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