Jharkhand governor approved university, college and school teachers Pay Hike

It was Jharkhand’s way of saying happy teachers’ day. The governor’s advisory council today approved Rs 156 crore so that thousands of university, college and school teachers can be paid salaries according to the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations, thereby setting the tone for a memorable September 5.

The amount includes Rs 52.28 crore to cater to college and university teachers with retrospective effect from January 1, 2006 to March 31, 2010, apart from paying teachers of government-aided minority-run middle, primary schools and madarsas.

While Rs 85.13 crore was set aside for teachers of government-aided schools, Rs 18 crore was to take care of madarsa teachers.

Teachers of minority-run schools, who have been urging the state for central government payscales for quite sometime, will now receive revised salaries with effect from April 1, 2008.

For paying university and college teachers as per the Sixth Pay Commission from January 1, 2006, the state would actually require Rs 261.62 crore, 80 per cent of which would be borne by the Centre. Today, the state cleared its share of the remaining 20 per cent, or Rs 52.28 crore.

Today’s order benefits around 4,000 university and college teachers of the state and another 15,000 teachers of religious minority-run schools.

The council meeting, chaired by G. Krishnan, also showered goodies for educated youth among primitive tribes.

It approved the welfare department’s proposal to directly recruit Class VIII pass primitive tribe students in Grade IV jobs and intermediate pass students with computer training as computer operators in government offices.

Till now, the provision was limited to matriculate and graduates among primitive tribes.

“Class VIII pass primitive tribe students will be appointed in Grade IV jobs in the offices of the district headquarters,” explained P.K. Jajoria, the secretary, cabinet coordination. He said students who had completed vocational courses in computer applications offered by the welfare department through Xavier Institute of Social Service, would be appointed as computer operators in district headquarters.

Federation of University Teachers’ Association, Jharkhand, president Babban Choubey said the advisory council’s decision to give benefit of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations was a big achievement. “We expect the state to ensure solution to all our long-pending demands,” Choubey added.

Source : The Telegraph.

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