Bank staff are keenly awaiting for progress on wage revision front

Bank staff and officers are keenly awaiting for progress on wage revision front. All bankers are anxious and restive. However, there is no progress and it appears that deadlock is continuing.It has been learnt that UFBU has talked to the IBA Chairman and asked for fixing up the date for the next round of talks as no discussions since 24-9-2009. However, IBA seems to have informed that there is no change in the stand of the IBA/Government on various issues viz new pension scheme, costing of pension cost, sharing of deficit in Pension Fund during the next wage revision, etc.

UFBU has been requesting IBA and Government to sort out these various expedite the settlement. UFBU has been requesting IBA Chairman for fixing a date for next round of talks. However, IBA feels that unless some issues are sorted out, there will be no purpose except repeating the respective standpoint.

However, it has come to our knowledge that next round of talks may be held in the first week of November, 2009, as all union representatives have been advised not to have any other engagements or meetings during that period. In case any date is proposed by IBA, then UFBU may be meeting to draw its strategies, before the Talks with IBA. In the meantime, BEFI has also advised its members are not to be swayed by any rumor.

However, we have yet to hear any concrete proposal from IBA or some union leaders. It appears that Bank employees can only wait and pray for an early and some respectable settlement.Thus, we can say that as on date, the matter stands as it was on 24th September, ’09.

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