A meeting between between UFBU and IBA was held in Chennai

A meeting of the UFBU was held in Chennai. Com P S Pillai (President, BEFI) presided over the meeting.

1. The meeting took note of the negative approach of the Government in relation to the revised scheme of compassionate ground appointment/financial compensation to the family of the employees dying in harness and felt that the scheme as discussed and finalized between UFBU and IBA should be got expedited.

2. As regards the condition of the IBA that the entire cost of pension arising out of the wage revision to be adjusted from the proposed wage revision and that in the next settlement again another actuarial valuation should be carried out and the gap should be funded by employees sharing the same, after detailed discussions, the UFBU while rejecting the above conditions, expressed its view that the additional pension cost can be adjusted by sharing a portion of the same as was done in the 7th and 8th bipartite wage revision.

3. Regarding IBA’s condition that a new contributory pension scheme should be accepted by the unions from 1-4-2010 as a pre-condition for extending one more option for pension scheme, the UFBU felt that a mutually acceptable solution should be worked out to resolve the same as unilateral imposition of such conditions are not acceptable.

4. Regarding IBA’s suggestion for introduction of the concept of fixed pay and variable pay for bank employees/officers, UFBU decided not to accept the proposal.

Based on the above, the meeting decided to pursue the issues with the IBA during the next round of talks to be held shortly and to expedite the conclusions as early as possible.

Comrades, we are aware that speculations and rumours are being circulated here and there which are only adding to the anxieties of the membership. Hence UFBU appeals to all units and members not to fall a prey for such propaganda and close up the ranks at this crucial juncture when all attempts are being made by the UFBU to expedite the settlement.

(Published exactly as per AIBEA version)

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