Manipur government issued the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission

Rejecting the blanket order issued by the government over the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendation in state, the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO has questioned the intention of the government for its reluctance in paying the arrear of the employees while the amount for the same has been demanded from the 13th Finance Commission.

A statement issued today by the publicity and information secretary of the JAC, L Priyobratta pointed out that the state government has demanded allocation of more fund to the 13th Finance Commission citing that the implementation of 6th Pay recommendation to employees and pensioners of the state government would be effected from 1-1-2006 .

The government has proposed to the 13th Finance Commission that Rs 1,447 crore arrear for employees and pensioners of the state for the period from 2006 to 2010 would be paid in two installments.

80% of the arrear will be paid in 2010-11 while the remaining 60% will be paid in 2011-12, according to the statement.

The JAC statement questioned why the government is now issuing an order not to pay the arrears to employees and pensioners.

It added that the government had constituted a Committee of Officers with the then Chief Secretary as the chairman on October 1, 2008 to oversee the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendation.

As per the terms of reference, the committee was to submit its reports within four months.

After prolonged cover up of the committee’s report, the government has on January 16 issued an order saying that the 6th Pay Commission recommendation would be implemented as per the report of the Committee of Officers.

It stated that the government has failed to make a copy of the recommendations of the Committee of Officers available to the JAC representatives during the meeting held between the two parties.

The JAC representatives were only told that the period of the committee has been extended.

The JAC expressed doubts over the move of the government.

The JAC statement further appealed to all employees and pensioners to participate in the mass silent rally to be held on February 4 .

Source: Hueiyen News Service and E PAO.

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