United Forum of Nationalised Bank Officers Association meeting

Next Round of Bipartite Talks with IBA scheduled on 22nd January, 2010 for Workmen and 23rd January, 2010 for Officers.

The minutes of meeting of United Forum of Nationalised Bank Officers’ Association held in Kolkata on 05.01.2010.

"The city of Kolakta has witnessed another historic evening when more than 1600 officers of Nationalized Banks had assembled in the heritage Town Hall at the call of all national organization of Nationalized Bank Officers on 5th January, 2010 evening. The conglomeration of officers cutting across the rank and affiliation had depicted their high enthusiasm to witness their long cherished dream to become a reality. The national leaders of AINBOF, AIBOA, INBOC and NOBO had addressed the mammoth gathering of officers. The meeting was blessed by the august present of legendary leader of bank officers movement, Com.S.R.Sengupta. All the leaders were extended war welcome with flower bouquet by the representatives of various organizations.

Com.P.K.SARKAR, Convenor of AINBOF had extended hearty welcome to the distinguished leaders presenting the meeting. He had mentioned about the special significance of the meeting after formation of the forum in its meeting held at Mumbai on 10th August, 2009 and this has crystallized into the strong bonding of officers’ organization through the formation of United Forum of Nationalized Bank Officers’ Association in its meeting on 5th January, 2010 morning at Kolkata. This way today’s meeting is a strong step towards consolidation of movement of officers in Nationalized Banks. The officers meet under this forum shall take place in all big cities throughout the country in next few months.

Com.S,.R.Sengupta, former President and General Secretary of AIBOC had complimented the leadership for the unique achievement in terms of inimitable wage settlement with another option for pension which had been long felt desire of the nationalized bank officers. He had categorically mentioned about the current wage revision to be the best settlement ever. While speaking about the newly formed Forum of Nationalized Bank Officers, he had mentioned that it had been our demand for a long time, for some reasons or the other it could not be materialized. He had suggested that a broader unit is required to be made in order to achieve what we want to. Following the global melt down the sufferings of the working people have worsened; capital has unlashed attack on labour mercilessly; we require to have unity, preparedness for sacrifice in struggle and a definite aim to succeed. He had wished that the Forum will carry forward the struggle in an effective manner in days to come.

Com.S.R.Rathore, Deputy General Secretary of NOBO had addressed the meeting. He said that we are going to start a new chapter in the history of officer’s movement. While comparing the pay structure with RBI, Government etc., he had mentioned that there is a lot of disparity in the wage of SBI officers with that of their counterpart in nationalized banks. Four additional increments are given on recruitment, leased accommodation facility, higher quantum of conveyance and housing loan with lesser rate of interest, medical reimbursement facility etc., are the key areas where there are alarming discrimination with nationalized banks, those are to be removed. The forum will continue the struggle till it achieves the same. He had mentioned that there have been disparities in the service conditions between the SBI officers and officers of the associated banks. Such things can not be tolerated any more. He had urged upon the rank and file to get united to protect their own interest and fight against the discrimination that have been meted with the officers of nationalized banksfor the last two decades.

Com.K.K.Nair, General Secretary, INBOC, while addressing the meeting had mentioned about how the officers of nationalized banks had been deprived in every wage settlement in the past. That is why the United Forum of Nationalized Bank Officers has been formed today in this historic city of Kolkata, he had quoted. No atrocity will be allowed against the officers of nationalized banks henceforth. We all have a collective and individual role to play to erase discrimination between the nationalized banks and others in the industry. We have to enforce “Equal Pay for Equal Work” as per pronouncement of Supreme Court and law of the land. Com.Nair had explained the developments that took place in wage revision process. He had demanded parity in privileges of nationalized bank officers with that of SBI. This positive oriented forum wants parity with SBI as per Supreme Court pronouncement. We shall win; he concluded his speech with this positive note.

Com.R.J.Sridharan, General Secretary, AIBOA in his speech had extended war m welcome to the mass gathering of officers. He had mentioned that the United Forum has been formed with a new hope, new note and new vision. It would be out duty to keep the unity intact with preparedness to sacrifice for the right cause. While giving stress on uniformity he had mentioned that without uniformity, the unity of thought and action can not take place. While commenting on the disparity, he had informed that through PCR Govt., had given us parity, after 20 years we have lost it. Government has been continuously helping SBI by providing them monopoly in government business. The nationalized banks are facing stiff competition and challenges to procure business now the time has come to give a new movement and new direction, he had quoted. While mentioning about merger/acquisition he had mentioned that the Government is giving a health tonic of merger by merging the associate banks with SBI. On the issue of another option on pension he had expressed his clear vision that we are not demanding pension as 3rd benefit. The extension of pension option will benefit3.37 lac and odd families; whole of the industry will be covered under pension scheme. He had expressed concernon the plight of officers working under CBS environment, demanded regulated working hours for officers. While concluding his speech he had expressed his confidence that today’s bright and right start in the city of Kolkata shall give confidence in the minds of officers in nationalized banks. We have to move forward with unity, perfect precision and organizational force.

Com.K.S.Shetty, General Secretary of AINBOF had delivered his speech before the house. It was the celebration of bonding of officers under the banner of United Forum, the birth of which is the culmination of the formation of AINBOF in Kolkata on 18th December, 2009. Com.Shetty had categorically mentioned that the trade unions are formed on the premise of equality, unity and fraternity. Exploitation within the organization can not and ;should not be tolerated. He had also highlighted the glaring disparity in housing loan, conveyance loan and other benefits between SBI and nationalized banks. Our unity only can provide us justice. While dealing with the MOU at 17.5%, with another option on pension, which he had signed as President of AIBOC was the best in the given reality and framework. Moreover, another option on pension was the crying need of the hour, though which entire industry is covered under social security net. Com.Shetty had cautioned about the upcoming danger of merger and acquisition of nationalized banks. Our unity and action can only protect our identity, nobody else will come to our rescue. While concluding his inspiring speech, he had mentioned that this Forum with pursue the issues of regulated office hours, five days a week, removal of disparity, uniform wage structure, recruitment in banks, and all other threats and challenges before the officers of nationalized bank officers.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Com.K.Ramakoteswara Rao, Working President of AINBOF. While speaking on this occasion, he had praised the role played by the hosts in organizing the meet in a meticulous way. The spirit of the officers shall lead the movement in every nook and corner of our country. He also declared that the day will be regarded as a red letter day in the history of nationalized bank officers in particular and the officers fraternity in general. Henceforth the officers of nationalized banks shall hold their head high and led the movement against disparity of any kind in future."

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