The deadlock between the university teachers and Uttar Pradesh government

With the deadlock between the university teachers and state government continuing for the last six months over the date of the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, the state administration today invited the teachers for talks on March 8 to resolve the matter.

The date of implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission is January 1, 2006, but the university teachers have been struggling to get their due as the state government has been giving them the benefit from December 1, 2008. The protests have led to the postponement of the examinations in the universities of Meerut and Gorakhpur.

The tentative examination schedule for Lucknow University has also been shifted to March 22.To intensify their protest, the Federation of Uttar Pradesh Residential University Teachers Association and Federation of Uttar Pradesh University College Teachers Association are now planning to go on a mass leave on March 8 and a relay fast and demonstration at Shaheed Smarak on March 9, 10 and 11.Anil Sant, Secretary of Higher Education, said: “We are calling the teachers for another round of talks on Monday. We will not tolerate pressure tactics by the teachers for recovering the arrears.”

“ESMA has already been enforced in the state and action will be taken against those who do not cooperate with the administration for conducting the examinations. We don’t want the session to be delayed and the examinations will be conducted within the given time frame,” said Sant.

Dr Maulindu Mishra, president of the Lucknow University Associated College Teachers’ Association, said: “A state government order, dated February 28, 2009, declared that the Sixth Pay Commission will be implemented from December 1, 2008 onwards and the arrears pertaining to the period between January 1, 2006 and November 31, 2008 should be considered ‘kalpanik’ (imaginary).”

“The government implemented the Sixth Pay Commission for university teachers in July 2009 and is also promising to soon pay the arrears due between December 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009,” added Mishra.

“While the UGC is paying 80 per cent of the arrears, the state government is only being asked to pay 20 per cent. Yet the government is not ready to pay us the arrears since 2006. They are not ready to ask the UGC for the arrears between January 2006 and November 2008,” said Chitaranjan Mishra, president of UP Residential Universities Teachers Association (UPRUTA).

“The government has implemented the Sixth Pay Commission for all the other services from January 2006 onwards. But in our case, they are not ready to do so,” added Mishra.
According to Sant, around 14 states have already implemented the Sixth Pay Commission since January 1, 2006 but are yet to receive the Central government funds.
“Till date we have not received a single penny from UGC. The complete calculations of the arrears starting from January 2006 till March 2010 have been sent to the UGC. We have used the word ‘kalpnik’ because if we remove it, we will have to pay the entire amount, which is not possible,” said Sant.

“We are waiting for the UGC to release the funds to any of the 14 states and we will follow suit,” added Sant.

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